John 12:20-33

  1. How has the past week been for you?  Challenges, encouragements?  
  2. Daniel quoted Fleming Rutlledge who said, “Palm Sunday is the Trojan Horse of the Christian Year.”  Why is it so? 

Read John 12:20-33

  1. Read verse 21, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus?”. How does it feel to ask this question right now? 
  2. What does Jesus mean when He says, “The Hour”? How does this show that it was God’s plan all along? Why is it important to know? 
  3. When Jesus says, “Father, glorify Your Name”, he means to make your character great. How does the Cross of Christ reveal the character of God? What does it reveal?
  4. How is verse 27 (“Jesus’ soul was troubled”) comforting to you? What does it reveal about the depth of love between the Father and the Son?  
  5. Read verses 24-26. What does this “parable” teach us about how we are to live?
  6. In his sermon, Daniel said it teaches us to die to sin. In what ways have you been repenting lately?  How has the COVID-19 pandemic revealed some of the sin tendencies of your heart? How have you experienced and seen Jesus in your repentance?
  7. Daniel also said this teaches us to die to self in service to others: What are some ways you can serve others during this time? How can your City Group serve together?
  8. How is the Cross of Jesus the seal of God’s Mission? How is it the glory of God?  

*Spend time praying that you would see Jesus! Ask that the God would make Jesus greater and greater in your heart and mind. Ask for grace to repent daily of sin and turn to Jesus, ask for grace to serve others in this time of need. Pray that God would draw the whole world to Himself as Jesus is lifted up and the Cross is made known.

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