Psalm 27

  1. If the pandemic magically disappeared, what would be the first thing you would do?
  2. How were you taught to deal with your fear as a child? 

Read Psalm 27


  1. As Christians, we are often taught that if we “just believe” our fears will disappear, but here in Psalm 27, David seems to embrace both faith and fear at the very same time.  What does it look like to embrace faith and fear right now?
    • Fear acknowledge that we aren’t in control and that there is the potential for us to be hurt.  
    • To deny fear is to deny our humanity.
  2. Pastor Daniel talked about how fear leads us to the gift of wisdom. What wisdom did David point to in Psalm 27? What did David’s fear lead him to discover about the character of God?
    • What aspects of God’s character revealed in this Psalm do you need to discover in these scary times?
  3. Pastor Daniel talked about how fear is birthed when the one thing that we cherish most is threatened. In order to face our fears we have to be able to identify that “one thing.” What have you found yourself cherishing other than God lately? 
  4. How have you experienced God coming near to you in your fear and thereby becoming the thing you cherish most?
    •  Read verse 13 and 14 again. Although David is terrified, he perseveres because he has hope that the Lord is going to rescue him. What does it look like for us to live with same expectant hope?

Spend some time in prayer acknowledging to God the fears that you have and ask God to remind of the hope that we have in Him.

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