Central Kids Volunteer Roles

T E A M  L E A D
Team Leads play an essential role in maintaining a smooth and cohesive service for our children. They
facilitate a team huddle after the volunteer pep rally, where they pray for the service and then help
direct volunteers to the appropriate rooms. It is their job to make sure all volunteers have arrived and are
where they need to be. If volunteers are missing the Team Lead contacts volunteer via phone or text to
ensure attendance. In rare cases Team Lead will try to find a sub morning of if a volunteer is absent.
After service begins it is their job to make sure everything is going smoothly, before heading to the
classroom that needs the most help that day.

W E L C O M E  T A B L E  F O R  G U E S T S
This volunteer role is key in helping engage and making new families feel welcome as well as helping
them check in their children for the first time. After children have transitioned to classrooms assist in
Forest or Canopy as needed.

C H E C K - I N  T A B L E
This volunteer ensures that the check-in stations are up and running smoothly. They are there to help
parents if they have any questions as they check in their children. After children have transitioned to
classrooms, they assist in the Forest or Canopy as needed.

L E A D   T E A C H E R S
Our lead teachers are the main facilitators of the classroom and help lead our children through the lesson of the week (teachers do NOT have to write or prepare anything for the lesson). Lead teachers will lead a quick huddle of their team prior to children arriving. This meeting will serve to give an overview of the lesson and delegate tasks (snacks, clean up, check in, small group division).
Age groups:
Forest 3-4 Year Olds
Treehouse K-1st grade
Canopy 2nd-3rd Grade

Our classroom assistants help support the teacher, as well as engaging the children during transitions
and with classroom games and activities. Assistants may need to help with behavior management
while lead teacher is instructing. Assistants should participate in pre-service classroom huddle (led by
lead teacher) to get assigned tasks (snacks, clean up, check-in, small group division) to ensure a
smooth session.
Age groups:
Seed Shop 3-18 Months
Garden 18 Months - 2 Year Olds
Forest 3-4 Year Olds
Treehouse K-1st grade
Canopy 2nd-3rd Grade

Questions about these roles? Email Jordan Reich at jordan@christcentraldurham.com.

Worship Service Volunteer Roles

H O S P I T A L I T Y  T E A M
This team is responsible for all of the first encounters a person has with Christ Central as they walk
through the doors on Sunday morning. Volunteers on this team help people feel welcomed and loved
and provide the first impression of Christ Central (and the image of Christ) to new guests and members
alike. The team is also responsible for some of the logistical pieces of the service including passing
offering baskets and ushering people forward for communion. The team is made up of eight people who
are trained in all of the roles and share hospitality responsibilities in the following ways: greeting at the
front and back doors to the outside (2), greeting and handing out bulletins at the sanctuary doors (2
downstairs, 1 upstairs), ushering people to their seats (1), attending to the Connect and New Guest
Tables (2).
These volunteers handle the audio, visual, and lights during a worship service. This role is primarily
responsible for operating the slides during worship, but also coordinates with our sound tech and
operates the lights to aid in our worship experience. This role is responsible for creating a seamless and
smooth experience for the congregation to experience the worship and liturgy of Christ Central.

T E C H  T E A M
The tech volunteer will set up and maintain all iPad stations and digital displays. This person will be trained on our systems, but should have a working knowledge of Apple products, wireless connectivity, and general technological trouble shooting.
S E T U P / T E A R D O W N  T E A M
This team of two arrives early to set up all the outdoor signage and indoor tables, signage, and carts or
stays late to clean it all up (depending on the service).

C O M M U N I O N  P R E P
This team of two people prepares/cleans up the communion elements, setting up and cleaning up the
communion tables. *This role is not responsible for serving communion, only preparing it.

Questions? Email Meredith Miller at meredith@christcentraldurham.com.